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Doc Brown's Private Stock

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  1. Awesome Sauce - Doc Brown

    Awesome Sauce - Doc Brown

    Awesome Sauce is an explosion of flavor in this exotic cluster of melons and other festive fruits Learn More
  2. Blood Elixir

    Blood Elixir

    Blood Elixir- A Delectable, Rich, sticky sweet cake desert you will want to devour. So delicious, you won’t want to share. Learn More
  3. Nerve Syrup

    Nerve Syrup

    Nerve Syrup- A Divine, harmonious and creamy complex duo of savory vanilla and caramel flavors that will keep you wanting more. Learn More
  4. Truth Serum

    Truth Serum

    Truth Serum- Natures finest fresh fruits a combination of peach, melon, strawberry and pear. A tropical Paradise awaits you. Learn More
  5. Wizard Oil

    Wizard Oil

    Wizard Oil- Everyone will take note of this mouthwatering candy flavor with an abundance of fresh watermelon. Learn More

5 Item(s)

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